Should be spoiler free.

Stone Burners: Our protagonists. A young group of mercenaries just trying to get by.

Olivia – A feral woman, half dragon. Woke up in the city, and has since been desperately trying to make sense of everything that is happening. You now now as much as she does, because all of her memories were gone when she woke up, if she had them in the first place. Physically she’s fairly normal, except she has wings, a tail, clawed feet and hands, snake eyes, a forked tongue, and nothing but sharp teeth in her mouth. Also over six foot six tall.
Powers: Flight. Highly enhanced strength, vision, smell, and hearing. Durability.

Skulker – A vigilante, originally from Baltimore, along with his identical triplet brothers. Needs a brain to mouth filter. Enjoys violence more than he should. Finds just about anything funny…somehow. Wears all black clothing, a grinning mask, and many knives and grenades. Has a long sniper rifle named Señior Lopez, stolen from Overlord, with a bunch of awesome features, like a plasma shot. I repeat: PLASMA!
Powers: Short ranged teleportation. Freeze time for a couple seconds. Slightly enhanced reflexes and senses. A fantastic personality.

Nomad – The leader, so to speak. No one else really wants the job. Cautious, closed off, and the most level headed of the Stone Burners. A large fellow, with looks one could describe as perfectly Aryan if they were a Nazi. You aren’t a Nazi, are you? Wears standard urban combat fatigues. A blue bandana covers the majority of his face.
Powers: Turns into liquid goo stuff. Is very flammable, strong, and tireless in that state. Volume of liquid self is around twice as much as non liquid self.

Delta – The resident technology person. Every team in this day and age needs one, though she hates having to explain herself. Was born with her power, it grows as she is exposed to various new electrical devices. Is very protective of her inventions and profession. Has a set of armor based on riot police armor. All sorts of gadgets and fun toys included. Helmet is completely black, concealing her face. Even without her power, she is brilliant when it comes to engineering.
Powers: Electrical engineering, only super powered. Electricity in general. Paranoia.

Miya – A small time criminal from Arizona. Was then captured by Slim Jim and sold to Overlord. There she was experimented on, then sold to Freedom Fighter. Then, in pleasant reversal of fortunes, she was liberated by Delta and Olivia in Westward City. She is Aztec, and never bothered with a secret identity.
Powers: Magic, specializing in bones.

Gears – One of Skulker’s identical triplet brothers. A former criminal based out of Pennsylvania, he joined after conflicts of interest broke up his gang. Builds secret underground fortresses as well. Very similar in mannerisms to Skulker. Suit of armor composed of steel slats with the trademark grinning mask. Armor covered with random sayings scrawled on random places in random orientations.
Powers: Techie, specializing in metals, mechanics, and metallurgy. Pseudo-power armor.

Westward City Meta Human Unit: “You have powers, use them for justice!” The unit of the police that deals with crimes involving supers. Usually referred to as the MHU.

Cyrus – One of the world strongest metahumans. Of Persian descent, he was kicked out of the Secret Service after 9/11 and joined the Westward City MHU. Is now the head of the unit. Wears the light armor of the Secret Service, with a helmet concealing the top half of his face.
Powers: Air. Magnificent Beard.

Marcus – The second in command of the MHU. In his late thirties to early forties. Unlikable, by all accounts. Apparently arrogant, short tempered, and dislikes ferals especially for some unknown reason. Wears standard police uniform.
Powers: Jack-of-all-trades magic.

Bob – An officer of the MHU.
Powers: ???

The Colorado Watch: If you want justice, but don’t feel like working at it full time for Uncle Sam, The Watch is for you. A national organization staffed by volunteers and funded by donations. As the name suggests, this team is based in Colorado.

Laura – Leader. No disguise. Wears standard urban combat fatigues.
Powers: ???

Blackout – Has mask of solid black cloth, covering all but his eyes. Wears standard urban combat fatigues.
Powers: Can project black, spherical force field, which no light or sound can go through without sufficient energy.

Whiteout – Has mask of solid white cloth, covering all but his eyes. Wears standard urban combat fatigues.
Powers: Can project pale white, spherical force field, which nothing solid can got through without sufficient force.

Ryan – No disguise. Wears standard urban combat fatigues.
Powers: Some sort of techie.

Lancer – Grey mask with three orange stripes across it. Wears standard urban combat fatigues.
Powers: Shoots frickin’ lasers out of her hands. Lasers are orange, and get stronger the closer she is to the target.

Cinder – A guy in an all grey version of the Watch uniform.
Powers: Flying brick, or cinder block, as the case may be.

Koitsenko: Military team, originally the Kiowa super powered warrior society. Composed of Native Americans of no particular tribe now.

X – Has massive set of grey powered armor. Very heavily armored. Some sort of high rank in the army.
Powers: Pilots the Type X armor. As for the man: ???

Pathfinder – Set of red power armor. Made of cords, imitating a muscular system. Kind of a dick.
Powers: Pilots the Pathfinder armor. As for the man : ???

Independent: None of the above.

Guardsman – Vigilante. Abrasive personality. Heavyset man wearing a standard army combat uniform.
Powers: Temperature control. Can reach extreme highs and lows on his person.

Purifier – Vigilante. Unmet.
Powers: ???

Cuauhtémoc – Ruler of Mexico. A common warrior from the time of the attempted conquest of Mexico. Killed the real emperor and assumed his place during the siege of Mexico City.
Powers: Controls igneous rocks, up to one hundred. His power affects the rocks the same regardless of their size.

Freedom Fighters: Freedom Fighter’s terrorist organization. What it lacks in morals, human decency, or originality in terms of names, it makes up for with a plethora of bombs, guns, and insanity. Based out of Central America.

Freedom Fighter – The leader of the Freedom Fighters. Yes, the names have lead to confusion in the past. His name is often abbreviated to just F.F. An anarchist, he seeks to destroy oppressive abominations such as educational systems, national parks, and other government institutes designed by the man to keep the brother down. Usually wears a brown flak jacket and drab brown clothes with a balaclava.
Powers: Stimulates rage in anyone in a large radius. Uses to cause massive riots in densely populated areas.

Membrane – A psycho (someone who has been driven insane by their powers). Pale, and of average height and build. Wears the tattered remains of a suit, along with a noose. Does not believe in personal hygiene.
Powers: Sight based information. The details are hazy as of now.

Solid Tod – A mercenary in the employ of Freedom Fighter. Wears tan ski mask, sunglasses, and army fatigues.
Powers: Moves very fast, and is somewhat invulnerable during said movement. Details hazy as of now.

Trasgo – Elusive. Forgettable. Real name unknown.
Powers: Quite a few.

Overlord Initiative: Researching the future! A future where a single man has complete control over everything and everyone, big brother style! Hooray for autocracy!

Overlord – The namesake of the initiative. Not very nice. Formerly known as Slave Driver. Unmet.
Powers: Techie, specializing in whatever he damn well pleases, so long as robotics are involved in some capacity.

Slim Jim – A mercenary in the employ of Overlord. Has a habit of never wearing a shirt. Displays almost no emotions, ever. Is also bald, slim, and tall.
Powers: Tentacles. Lots of tentacles from under his skin. Are more than strong enough to be used in combat. Can also be used for healing Slim Jim.

Doctor Orange – A doctor focused on his work to the exclusion of all else, like empathy. Has a set of glowing orange goggles. His specialty is in medical uses of nanobots.
Powers: ???

Control – Unmet
Powers: ???

The Undead: A local gang, composed of bored rich kids. Think stereotypical lowlife gangsters, because that’s what they’re aspiring for.

Nevermore – Leader of the Undead. An outside criminal who took control.
Powers: ???

The Evil Clown – A scholar and a gentleman. No. What the hell do you expect with a name like that? Of course he’s in clown makeup.
Powers: ???

Sinner: Lots of tattoos. Don’t know much more.
Powers: ???

Saint: Same as Sinner.
Powers: ???


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  1. Olivia’s and Delta’s songs have broken links. Olivia’s just says unavailable and Delta’s was taken down due to copyright.

    You’ve got some really good music here, for the most part.

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