Olivia has awoken to a strange world. With mere scraps of memories and a warped, unfamiliar body, she must find help to survive. However, a vast criminal syndicate, an urban legend, and more all threaten to snuff her out before she can find her footing. Starts here.


Stone Burners is a place for me to write about a superhero world. I will try to make at least somewhat realistic, but the primary goal of all of this is to have fun with it. I got a lot of inspiration from Worm, both from the world itself as well as its author, Wildbow. Additional inspiration is from Jason Pargin, author of John Dies at the End.

Now available at Royal Road here.

Want/need to contact me? Do so at syphaxbox@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “About

  1. I think you are selling yourself a bit short here. Your serial is close to if not on the same level as Worm. I would even take the step and say that your character development is better than Worm (Wildbow have improved greatly on that front since worm though).

    And you don’t have the same problem Wildbow had in Worm where he packed slightly to much action into the serial.

  2. I agree with Thor’s earlier comment. You have one of the best web fiction serials I have ever read. The pacing is perfect and your ability to come up with unique plot twists (something that is easier said than done) means I never know what to expect.

    Your characters are honestly some of the most interesting individuals I’ve seen in a story. I admire you’re ability to make all of them seem so real and relatable. None of them ended up as I thought they would and you have managed to defy all of the cliche pitfalls of other writers.

    As good as Worm was there were several points in time where I found myself skimming through the chapters since certain points in the story (in my opinion) contained far too much fluff or were too repetitive to hold my interest. With your story I read it back to back and never felt my interest waver for a second.

    This is all coming from someone who considers themselves a harsh critic of literature and who has read nonstop since childhood. There is very little I would change about your story and I look forward to all you have to offer as a writer.

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