I’ve been putting this off long enough. Update time for whatever readers are here:

I may as well make it official, Stone Burners in on an indefinite hiatus. I have no idea for how long. Every time I had free time for the past 6 months, I thought I would have an actual chapter for you all to read, and every time I realize I’ve basically written myself into a corner this latest arc that I don’t know how to break out of.

As for whats next, same answer: no fucking clue! I’ve been thinking about a couple new story ideas, a more space based sci fi or a collection of fantasy stories. I’ve also heavily considered just straight up editing Stone Burners from the beginning, this time with the benefit of having a good concept of characters and plot. I’m not sure yet but I will let you know when a decision is made.


11 thoughts on “News

  1. I read the start of this in the voice of Glados (Are you still there?).

    To be bluntly honest, I’m a little bit sad, but it’s selfish and you deserve better in memory of all the great chapters. So what ever happens next, I’m on board !

    Have you thought about rewriting the latest arc to get out of that corner ? Noone would blame you …

    Sincere belgian fan love from a dumb french autocorrecting phone !

    • I did consider reworking the last arc, but the more I looked at it the more I realized it was the symptom of some deeper issues, namely that every one of the last hundred + chapters were made up on the spot. I figure between the choices of slapping a bandaid on the problem and stopping the guy stabbing it with the knife, I should stop the guy with the knife.

  2. Hi Syphax,
    I love Stone Burners and am sad to see it go, but I support your decision. Thanks for the many years of a great story!

  3. I say go with rewriting/editing. Up to you of course. I just wanna say one thing that’s always stuck with me from your story was how Overlord was taken out. To some it might seem anticlimactic — all that building up and then he gets demolished by Cyrus in a single chapter. But I really loved it. It screamed realism and the fight was intense, him pulling out crazy weapons continuously and really struggling for his life.

    I will say I wish there was a search function on the site. There have been times I wished to find a chapter (for example, I’m pretty sure this is the story where the aliens/Serbians/reptile people exist, I think it was the arc where a friend of Delta’s worked at a university and creepy spooks showed up? Sorry been too long) but I couldn’t find it from the table of contents.

    Anyway man, thanks for the awesome ride.

    P.S. I found Reject Hero and Symbiote through you and loved them as well. Thanks for that too

    P.S.: I’m still sad about Nomad 😦

  4. I stopped by every once in a while to read up on new chapters. I hope that next time I look you’ll have figured out what you want to do. Good luck going forward

  5. Take your time, make what you think is best.
    i agree with the kinda ‘dead end’ thing. stating something new or re editing will definitly help solve that.
    keep us posted

  6. I’m sad to hear Olivia’s story is ending (at least for now), but glad to have the notice that that’s what’s happening. It’s been a fun ride getting to this point, though, and I wanted to share a bit of fan-art I put together using the character creator in Champions Online:

    The outfit is maybe a bit more classic superhero than anything she got in the story, but… *shrugs*.

    Regardless, best of luck to you; if you decide to re-write this or start up something new, I’ll definitely be interested to read.

    Side note: that outfit is a tribute costume I assembled specifically to take a screenshot of Olivia flying in front of a donut shop, not something I’m actually using to play the game with. This feels like the sort of thing I shouldn’t have to say, but given the number of people who seem to think it’s just fine to play as a carbon copy of someone else’s character… yeah. No. If I want to run around fighting virtual villains as a dragon-girl (and I do!) I’ll make my own.

  7. Better to make a decision than to keep staggering along with chapters at ever-increasing intervals I think. I’ll certainly give whatever you do next a read.

  8. I’ve just recently read your book from beginning to the current chapter and have to say that I’m sad to see that this book is on hiatus. I do hope that you’ll continue someday! Much love! ❤

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