Side Stories

Voting is done now. One Day won.

Hi everyone! For the ten of you reading this (Disclaimer: I have no idea what the actual number of consistent readers is and currently don’t feel like extrapolating from the stats page), you, yes you!, get to help choose what I write and put up on the site next. Want more setting? This is it.

After this chapter (Blood Red) is written, I’m writing down a side story/interlude thingy. The options are listed above, where you vote, and below, where I explain in one sentence what they’re about. Said explanations will be vague.

Sand Box – A certain mercenary finds a nifty thing. (Told you. Vague.)

Imperial – A young Aztec man watches everyone he knows die of smallpox.

Our Friend the Rat – Living as a peasant sucks hardcore in 1360’s Europe.

Bone Man – A villain receives a lucrative job opportunity.

One Day – New York is a difficult place to be a normal person in the Meta Human Unit.

The Rational Zealot – Even without Kool-Aid, compound life is full of dangers for the unwise.

Spark – A hunter gatherer discovers the meaning of life.

Notes: I plan on writing all of the above side stories eventually, you just choose the first one I write. Each of these will be short, 1-4 updates, depending on how I write each, and all set in the same world you’re reading now. They vary between being only tangentially related to the crude semblance of a plot I’ve cobbled together, to being integral with what I plan on doing later. This poll will be open for the next week.

So there you have it. Now some of you are asking, “Wait, you just started writing Blood Red. Why are you asking now?” Well hypothetical reader, Blood Red has already been mostly written. I will just keep editing and adding new things I think of to each update right up until the moment I post them. This does not require all of my brainpower to do however, and I want to write something else for a little bit.

So vote! Do my job for me!


2 thoughts on “Side Stories

  1. I have now read through this story, and I declare myself interested!
    Not sure what’s up with the title though. Stone Burners? I assume it will make sense later.
    And you’re mean, offering so many fun ideas, then making us choose only one!

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